3. When people don’t understand my desire to major in Arabic and travel the Middle East …



    Seriously though this is my life! I feel like people generalize all of the Middle East thinking of it only as a place full of terrorists when in actuality it is amazing! Studying abroad in Jordan has showed me just how friendly people are here and way more so than I’ve ever experienced in the United States. Jordan is very welcoming and just overall an awesome country to study abroad in. 


  6. One of the best things about my Middle East study abroad experience is all the Nutella…



    Seriously, there are whole restaurants here dedicated to it…


    I really don’t know what I will do once I’m no longer in a country with Nutella stores on every corner

  7. Me and Becca with our new friends from the Badia on a walk around the village


  8. I LOVE everything about this!!!!!!


  9. But seriously though 


  11. The first time you realize you completed an assignment without your best friend, Google Translate:

  12. (Source: bixrubes)

  13. bixrubes:

    My little host brother Emjid!


  14. Any time an actual native speaker compliments me on my abilities:



    I’m pretty sure they are just trying to be nice but I’m so happy when it happens anyways :P


  15. When I take a cab in the Middle East and the driver tries to rip me off because I am a foreigner…